Three Must-See Acts This Week: Injury Reserve at Slim’s on Fri. 5/4 with JPEGMAFIA

“This ain’t jazz rap, this that spaz rap,” Ritchie with a T angrily spits into the mic on “Oh Sh*t!” the opener off Injury Reserve’s 2016 debut album Floss. For the Arizona hip-hop trio, the line is a tongue-in-cheek response to the often-repeated observation that the group shares superficial similarities with legendary jazz rappers A Tribe Called Quest. While all members admit to the inspiration, the similarities end there. Injury Reserve works in a bizarre realm of hip-hop, and hardly sounds like any other contemporary group—  let alone one from the Golden Age. In a 2017 interview with Complex, Injury Reserve they spoke candidly about their sound — and all three members claim Kanye’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is their biggest influence — but their unique style comes from the mere fact that “Phoenix doesn’t have a hip-hop scene,” Ritchie claims. The group found themselves at house shows playing alongside EDM DJs and punk bands in equal number, seamlessly fitting into every niche to be found in Phoenix’s music scene. Through the internet, Injury Reserve’s unusual yet innovative style found a passionate and growing fanbase, and the group’s new EP Drive Like It’s Stolen shows the group’s unmatched potential. - SF Weekly