The Lumineers Light Up Slim’s (Mon. 5/22)

45 minutes into The Lumineers’ set at Slim’s on Monday night, the trio walked off stage knowing they’d be coming right back. That’s because, even in the intimate venue, the cheers for an encore were near-deafening. Not that the band is any stranger to the attention. Just days before playing the KFOG Special Acoustic Performance, they were opening for U2 at the Rose Bowl in LA for more than 95,000 music lovers. Humbly, lead vocalist/guitarist Wesley Schultz conceded the horde wasn’t necessarily for them, but they hoped they had some converts – to which the amped Slim’s-crowd responded “yeah you did!”

Wesley, Jeremiah Fraites (drums), and Neyla Pekarek (cello, piano) took the stage Monday night for the slightly smaller, yet completely enthralled audience. The folk-Americana bandmates were treated more like rock stars, with shouts from women and men throughout the show and interviews (“we love you!”) flying ubiquitously. Every song was a hit, almost evenly split between tracks from their debut record The Lumineers and sophomore album Cleopatra, which just went No. 1 on Billboard 200 chart.

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