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Diaspora Arts Connection Presents

Ali Azimi and the Need Live in San Francisco

Kabul Dreams

Saturday Nov 05, 2016
Doors @ 6:30pm / Show @ 7:00pm

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Diaspora Arts Connection is proud to once again welcome Ali Azimi and The Need back to the Bay Area. This performance is part of Ali Azimi’s Ezzat Ziad World Tour, and will again be held at Slim’s in San Francisco this year. The popular Afghani indie rock band Kabul Dreams will be the show’s guest artists. Please join us for another unforgettable night with Ali Azimi and The Need and Kabul Dreams! Ali Azimi & The Need members: Ali Azimi: Vocals, Guitar / Tom Atherton: Drums / Tom Sullivan: Bass / Josh Trotter: Keyboard / Rich Perks: Lead Guitar. Kabul Dreams members: Sulyman Qardash: Vocals, Guitar / Sid Ahmd: Bass / Raby Adib: Drums.

About Ali Azimi:
Ali Azimi is the leader of the band “Ali Azimi and the Needs”. An Iranian rock and alternative band with all British musicians. He also was the singer-songwriter of the band Radio Tehran which became noticed after their first album 88, released in the Persian year 1388 (2009/2010).

Born and raised in Tehran, Iran. Ali Azimi began his interest in music at a young age. Coming from a musical family, he self learned to play the Piano and studied classical guitar with Kazem Moazen.

Ali got his bachelors in engineering at Tehran University and Masters in United Kingdom in the same field.

In his early 30’s, after years of work and study in the field of Mechanical Engineering, Ali Azimi set aside his work as an engineer in UK and began to follow his passion for music. The song “33” from the album, Mr. Mean and the song Tatilat, from Radio Tehran album are both based on this experience.

During the same time Ali founded his own production company Sakkou, which documented underground Iranian music to help promote his fellow musicians who are unable to freely express their love for music in the Islamic republic of Iran.

After quitting his engineering career Ali Azimi went to Iran and in the year 1388 (2009) and formed the Iranian rock band Radio Tehran. Leading this new band, Ali recorded the album 88. Touching on the issues of the young Iranians, the album gave a fresh sound and perspective within the Iranian alternative music scene.

Departing from his previous band, Ali Azimi’s first solo album, Mr. Mean, was released in October 2013. This album includes major hit songs such as “Prelude”, and “Aghaye Past”. The music video for the song “Mr. Mean” was first prize winner at Farhang Foundation’s short film festival.

In 2016, Ali Azimi and the Need released their new album, “Ezzat Ziad.” The group are taking their new album on a world tour in the Fall of 2016.

About Kabul Dreams:
Afghanistan’s first rock band, Kabul Dreams is established in 2008 in Kabul, Afghanistan. The band consists of Sulyman Qardash (lead singer and guitarist), Raby Adib (drummer) and Siddique Ahmad (bassist). The trio met in Kabul, Afghanistan in 2008 and started playing together soon after. Kabul Dreams has paved the way for a modest, but growing rock scene in the country, which is rebuilding after decades of war. The band’s motivation to perform came for their own love of music, but also a public hunger for a new life after war, including new music and art.

Drawing inspiration from Oasis, Chevelle and other indie rock artists, Kabul Dreams released its first full length album in April 2013. The album, Plastic Words, was mixed by Grammy winning producer Alan Sanderson and recorded in Afghanistan.

“Let’s play music because kids are kids, no matter if they live in Kabul or in San Francisco. It doesn’t matter because they want fun,” Sulyman Qardash told PRI in an interview earlier this year.

But the band’s aspirations extend beyond their home country. Kabul Dreams’ indie sound is not limited to war or defined by those experiences only. Their first EP reflects universal lyrics and experiences that make the band accessible to different audiences.

Kabul Dreams has performed at international music festivals in Asia and Europe, and the band currently is based in the United Sates. They recently performed at Yoshi’s in San Francisco, CA to a large crowd of fans. In 2014, they performed at the SXSW music festival in Austin, TX.

Kabul Dreams calls Kabul their home, but the band will be based in northern California for a period of time to work on their new album and tour dates.


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